AM-210-OJT : WLAN WiFi Analyzer & Spectrum XT Troubleshooting
Duration: 5 Days, Onsite
Course Level: Intermediate
Overview: AirMagnet WLAN WiFi Analyzer & Spectrum XT Troubleshooting OJT training focuses on the acquisition of wireless analyzer skills in the workplace. We begin by coaching key concepts then guide the student use those concepts when analyzing their own wireless network. We will gather actual data at your location. Our instructors’ real world experiences help demonstrate additional concepts. After this engagement, the students will produce a final analysis and detailed report.

WLAN WiFi Troublshooting OJT ensures your team has the knowledge and skills to analyze your WLAN network. We design our training with feedback from the software developers, field engineers, trainers, and our customers to ensure your team gets the best knowledge transference possible. We continuously review and update our training to maintain the highest standards.
Who is the course for? This wireless training class is designed for network administrators, systems engineers, and IT personnel who analyze enterprise WiFi networks. Managers and administrators who outsource these services will also benefit by learning to use the AirMagnet toolsets in order to verify the work done by contractors. Consultants and system integrators who use AirMagnet products to investigate wireless network issues will also receive value from this course.
What will you get from this course? When you have completed this course, you will be able to:
  • Configure WiFi Analyzer software
  • Create, Import and Export profiles
  • Manage security policies
  • Perform Wi-Fi troubleshooting and security audits
  • Understand and customize the dashboard
  • Properly collect data
  • Perform data analysis
  • Enable Spectrum XT integration
  • Produce professional data reports
Prerequisites: Strongly Recommend AM-101 WiFi Foundations course, AM-115 AirMagnet Hands-On Training or AM-216: WLAN WiFi Troubleshooting
Hands-on Excercise: Yes
Course Outline:
Day One (Office)
  • Spectrum XT Installation and Configuration
    • Install SW and drivers
    • Configuration
      • General options
      • Driver selection
      • Band settings
      • Display options
      • Enable AP grouping
      • Recording options
      • Advanced options
    • SNMP configuration
      • Adding receivers
      • Configuring interference filters
    • Custom device classification manager
    • Auto detect FFT patterns
      • WiFi Analyzer Installation and Configuration
      • Creating, Importing and Exporting profiles
      • Enabling Spectrum XT integration
      • Configure Wireless Network Profile
      • Create filters
      • Configure proper channel scanning
      • Configure device aliases
      • Input site information
      • Enabling AP grouping
    • Best Practices
      • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
      • Security Audits
    • Security Policies
    • Configuring security IDS/IPS parameters
      • Configuration vulnerabilities
      • IDS – Denial of service attacks
      • IDS – Security penetration
      • Rogue AP and station
      • User authentication and encryption
    • Configuring performance violation parameters
      • Channel or device overload
      • Deployment and operation error
      • IEEE 802.11e & VOWLAN issues
      • Problematic traffic pattern
    • RF management
      • Using the policy wizard
      • Using the notification wizard
    • Managing ACL groups
    • Customizing the dashboard
    • Required network data
Day Two (Office and Field)
  • Configuring and applying WiFi Analyzer filters
    • Channel filter
    • SSID filter
    • Device filter
    • Airwise filter
  • Best Practices for performing data collection
    • Proper positioning of adapter(s)
    • Walking proper paths at the proper speeds
    • Collection methods
      • Passive
      • Roaming Analysis
      • Spectrum Analysis
    • Tools
      • 802.11n tools
      • RF
      • Connection
      • Additional tools
Day Three (Field)
  • Perform passive survey with Spectrum Analysis integrated
    • Channel filter
    • SSID filter
    • Device filter
Day Four (Field)
  • Perform multi adapter survey with Spectrum Analyzer integrated
  • Perform Spectrum Analysis survey of all bands with WiFi capture
    • Using Tools
    • 802.11n tools
    • RF
    • Connection
    • Additonal tools
Day Five (Office)
  • WiFi Analyzer Data Analysis
    • Channels
    • Interference
    • Infrastructure
    • Airwise
    • Top Traffic
      • Top 10 APs
      • Top 10 Stations
      • Top 10 channels
      • Top 10 devices
      • Compliance
  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting and Security Auditing
  • Reporting
    • Standard reports
    • Compliance reports
    • Custom reports
  • Spectrum XT Data Analysis
    • Interference classification
    • Normal FFT patterns
    • Migration/Remediation options
  • Smaller class size would be most beneficial (no more than 4 or 5)
  • This engagement is run at a minimum of 5 days. For larger projects, more days may be added.
Terms and Conditions
AirMagnet Academy Cancellation Policy:
Persons looking to cancel their attendance of an AirMagnet Academy class are subject to the following terms and conditions. Registrants who cancel ten (10) business days before the course will be entitled the full refund. Class registrants who cancel between five (5) and nine (9) business days before the course will receive a 50% refund of the course fee. Registrants who cancel less than five (5) business days before the course are not entitled to a refund.
All cancellations are required to be in writing and notified to an AirMagnet representative. AirMagnet reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course if necessary.